Fennel Seed Essential Oil

Botanical Name- Foeniculum vulgate
Plant family- Apiaceae
Country Of Origin- India
Method Of Extraction- Steam Distillation
Color- Clear with faint yellow
Consistency- Thin
Perfumery Note- Middle
Strength of Aroma- Medium-Strong
Self life- 3 year
Odor- Spicy, Herbaceous, Typical of dill herbs

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Fennel seed oil comes from natural ingredients from fennel seed plant, by steam distillation. Fennel is an aromatic and spices plant crop which is commercially cultivated in India as an annual herb with yellow flowers and feathery leaves, the height of plant is upto 2-3 meter. India is the largest producer of the fennel seeds in the world. It’s oil use in cooking as well as health benefit, like oil used in pharmaceutical industries, beauty products for skin problems. Fennel essential oil is best known as a powerful ingredient for good digestive health, and use as a good apatizer.

Major constituents-
• Trichophyton rubrum
• Trichophyton tonsurans
• Microsporum gypseum
• Trichophyton mentagrophytes
• Fluconozole
• Amphotericin B

Fennel seed essential oil has potential to treat many diseases as an antidermatophytic agent, and antifungal agent. Fennel oil is good for digestive and flatulence. The oil must be used as antiseptic, diuretic. The oil helps and promote a healthy respiratory system, respiratory problems and more. This essential oil help in well functioning metabolic activity. It is a good apatizer. Fennel oil can be helpful in calming and soothing to many areas of body, to good feelings and courage and confidence. Put one and two drops of this oil in your palm and inhale it’s scant gives you a good feel of refreshing your mind and respiratory tract, in other way used and helps for digestion as well as liver functioning.

Blend with-
• Rosemary oil
• Spearmint oil
• Bergamot oil
• Bergamot mint oil
• Nutmeg oil
• Orange wild oil
• Peppermint oil

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