Frankincense Essential Oil

Botanical Name- Boswellia serreta
Plant family- Asparagaceae
Country Of Origin- pale yellow liquid transparent
Consistency- Thin
Perfumery Note- Base
Strength Of Aroma- Medium
Self life- 2 year
Odor- Fresh woody, Balsamic, Slightly spicy

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There are five main species of Baswellia that produces true frankincense oil. In India species like Boswellia serreta produces a good quality of gum and resin which is famous all over the World. Frankincense drive from the old French expression francencens mean high quality incense. The Frankincense essential oil also used in pharmaceutical industries, the oil more effective in asthma, rheumatoid, arthritis, irritable bowl diseases, osteoarthritis and multiple sclerosis. The Frankincense essential oil obtained by oleogum resin of Boswellia serreta by process of Steam distillation. The plant’s height is upto 18 m and 2.5 in girth. The trees commonly found in foot of the western Himalayas, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra and all peninsular India.

Major constituents-
• Turpentine oil
• Pentose
• Galactose and xylose
• Some diastatic enzymes
• Alpha,beta,gama Baswellic acid

The frankincense essential oil has antiseptic and astringent properties, also useful in diarrhoea, dysentery, piles, ulcers, tumors, as well as skin disease and genitourinary affection. In this essential oil alpha, beta, gama Boswellic acids are found which are helpful for treating antitumor, analgesic and sedative properties. This oil has an anti-inflammatory and arthritic properties. In Ayurveda, medicine like salai guggul is made by help of this essential oil. Boswellia oil helpful in immediate induces the feeling of peace, relaxing as well as satisfaction. Frankincense essential oil can be used as an air purifier in our house by spraying. It helps to fight against anxiety. This oil is powerful astringent it’s mean help in protection of our skin cell from damages.

Blend with-
• Lavender oil
• Bulgarian oil
• Lemon oil
• Lime oil
• Neroli oil
• Orange sweet oil
• Cedarwood oil
• Himalayan Clary sage
• Coriander oil
• Ginger oil
• Geranium oil

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