Bay Leaf Essential Oil

Botanical Name : Pimenta racemosa var racemosa
Plant family : Myrtaceae
Country of Origin : India
Plant Part Used : Leaves
Method of Extraction : Steam Distillation
Color : Deep Golden Yellow
Consistency : Thin-Medium
Perfumery Note : Middle
Strength of Initial Aroma : Medium-strong

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Bay leaf essential oil is well known as the aroma of bay rum perfume ( not to be confused with bay laurel.) Bay leaf essential oil is derived by the Steam Distillation of the fresh leaves. Bay tree a wild tropical evergreen tree growing up to 50 feet with large aromatic leathery leaves and clusters of white and pink flowers producing aromatic black berries. The antiseptic properties of this oil help to protect the wounds from the bacterial and fungal growth, thereby avoiding painful situations. Bay leaf essential oil is completely safe and does not cause any side effects. This oil is warming, that is a favourite during fall and winter.

Major Constituents:-
• Linalool
• Eugenol
• Chavicol
• Myrcene
• Limonene

Bay is one of the best essential oil to use as a hair tonic. It also help to restore body and tone to only, damaged, lifeless hair. This oil is both uplifting and grounding, and can help to calm the nerves, clear mental confusion, fatigue and provide clearity of thought.

Blend With:-
Black pepper oil, Jojoba oil, Bergamot oil, Rosemary oil, Lemon oil, Almond oil, Myrtle oil, Orange oil

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