Black Pepper Essential Oil

Botanical Name : Piper Nigrum
Plant family : Piperaceae
Country of Origin : India
Plant Part Used : Peppercorns
Method of Extraction : Steam Distillation
Color : Clear (Light yellow to Dark)
Consistency : Thin
Perfumery Note : Middle
Strength of Initial Aroma : Medium

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The aroma of black pepper essential oil is reminiscent to freshly ground peppercorns, but it is a bit more complex with hints of green and perhaps a bit of floral. Black pepper really helps to perk up and add heat and spice to your blends. Black pepper essential oil is warming when applied topically and can be used to relieve aching and tired muscles and joints. This oil extract from unripe fruits through the process of steam distillation. Black pepper oil is mainly created in India and followed by Singapore as well as Malaysia. Although black pepper essential oil offers numerous benefits, it doesn’t contain piperine, the constituent which is responsible for helping to improve the absorption of tumeric.
The black pepper plant is a perennial woody vine growing up to 4 meters. Black pepper promotes healthy circulation, but should be used with caution.

Major Constituents:-
• Limonene
• Myrcene
• Beta-Caryophyllene
• Sabinene
• Pinocarveol
• Camphene
• Pinene
• Phellandrene
• B-bisabolene
• Linalol
• a-Terpineol
• a-Terpinene

The black pepper oil is used primarily for treating severe muscle aches. It helps in reducing body pains and helps to build stamina. The oil has a natural warming sensation when applied to the skin, so keep that in mind when applying the oil topically. Black pepper oil helps to improve poor circulation. It help in quitting smoking and nicotine addiction. Pepper oil is also used as an Ayurvedic massage oil and used in certain beauty and herbal treatments. Also, help to reduce the tension as well as stress.

Blend With:-
Lemon oil, Lavender oil, Mandarin oil, Geranium oil, Lime oil, Ginger oil, Bergamot oil

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