Eucalyptus Essential oil

Botanical Name- Eucalyptus globulus
Plant Family- Myrtaceae
Country Of Origin- China, Australia
Plant Part Used- Leaves
Method of Extraction- Steam Distillation
Color- Clear
Consistency- Thin
Perfumery Note- Top
Strength Of Aroma- Strong
Self life- 2 year
Odor- Camphorous, Medicinal, Fresh clean and bright

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There are more then 550 Eucalyptus species found in the world but essential oil are extracted mostly from two species like eucalyptus salicifolia and eucalyptus globulus. They also called fever tree or gum tree, these tree oil used in medicinal industries for balm and pain relief. Tree grow upto 50 feet in height. The dry leaf of eucalyptus is used in making or obtain essential oil by steam distillation. The oil used in pharmaceutical industries for Medicare purpose like mouth rinses medicine, which are beneficial for oral health and for fresh breath. Essential oil helpful in cleaning of skin surface and air. It has a good quality for purification of air. It has fresh, slightly woody like aroma.

Major constituents-
• 1-8- Cineole
• Alpha- Pinene
• D-Limonene
• Beta- Pinene
• Para Cymene
• Alpha- Terpineol
• Trans- Pinocarveol

This essential oil is wildly used in pharmaceutical industries like ayurveda as well as alopath. This essential oil has an quality of antibacterial, antifungal, therapeutic, analgesic, antispasmodic and decongestant diuretic properties. This essential oil helps in treating colds and coughs, other use like nourishing the hair and skin for stop ageing. Eucalyptus essential oil treats and helps to open and proper work of congested of respiratory track and chest congestion. Use as in halation of vapour, this essential oil treat breathing issues and relieve congestion as well as improve your immune system to provide antioxidant protection for foreign particles or fungal infection as well as allergens. The Essential oil also use in paint industry to make distemper or wall paint.

Blend with-
Peppermint oil, Lavender oil, Ginger oil, Fresh Geranium oil, Fir Needle Siberian oil, Clary sage oil, Cedarwood oil, Basil oil

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