Honeysuckle Absolute

PRODUCT NAME :  Honeysuckle Absolute Oil
BOTANICAL NAME :  Lonicera caprifolium
COLOUR AND ODOR :  Orange green to dark brown leaning towards the green with a sweet floral odor
METHOD OF EXTRACTION :  By solvent extraction

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Honeysuckle is one plant which is popular throughout the times as a go to herb in medicine. Traditional Chinese medics regard this plant highly for this medicinal value. This herb plays a significant role in removing poison from the human body. It is also effective in giving heat off from the body. This absolute oil is regarded as one of the most expensive oils in the world. Extracted by the solvent process with a petroleum ether from the tube like flowers of the plant, thousands of petals contribute to a single drop.
The Honey suckle absolute oil is also said to heighten psychic potential when it is rubbed against the forehead. Known for its characteristic sweet smell, it has found to be of great use in some of the most expensive perfumes in the world.

As per Chinese medicine, honeysuckle has been used over athousand years as a herb to cure the body of poisoning. The Europeans however believe that honeysuckle could aid in the process of childbirth.
Honeysuckle Absolute Oil is of great use in the perfumery industry. Honeysuckle is widely known for its rich and distinct aroma. It is common for it to be used in aromatherapy for getting rid of toxicity. This Absolute oil has a soothing and balancing effect on the body. This allows the feeling of euphoria to prevail. It combats nostalgia and homesickness effectively. When combined with mint, it can stop outbreaks and rashes on the skin.

The Honeysuckle absolute oil is alcohol free and long lasting making it a popular oil for aromatherapy sessions. It is highly capable of removing any toxicity from the body.
From scented candles to massage oils, it is used because of its strong and seductive smell. A perfect ingredient for high-grade perfumes. Only recently, this absolute oil has found use for skin care. It effectively treats boils and blemishes.

Honeysuckle Absolute Oil can easily blend with citrus and floral oils. It can also mix well with sandalwood, rose and jasmine.

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