Green Tea Absolute

PRODUCT NAME :  Green Tea Absolute Oil
BOTANICAL NAME :  Camellia sinesis
COLOUR AND ODOR :  Amber viscos with herbal odor.

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Green Tea absolute oilis a modifier as it can be used as main perfume and also has the ability to alter, modify and make a new aroma. It is one of the most valuable perfumes. The common name for this oil is green tea and bladder seaweed.
Green Tea is associatedwith many cultures across the world. It originates in China but is widely consumed as green tea. Green Tea has also turned into the base material for extract of many beverages, dietary supplements health foods, and cosmetic oils. Green tea contains polyphenols which are natural compounds that makes the green tea beneficial in treating and preventing some diseases. Recently this natural gift has become a very popular drink and is consumed worldwide.

Green Tea Absolute is used as a component of creams, perfumes, room fresheners, perfumes and essential oils. It also provides aromatherapy. It is a relaxing agent also used by saints and healers in naturopathy treatment. The polyphenols in green tea when used in crème reduces and prevents acne and wrinkles. It also fights against germs causing damage to the skin. Spas and massage centers have realized its importance and now it is effectively used for body massages. It is used as an ointment forhealing wounds, promoting digestion and in regulating body temperature. Green tea is a popular among diet conscious people because it reduces appetite. The contents of green tea increase the body’s ability to burn calories which leads to weight loss. Some people have found it useful for mental alertness, lowering cholesterol level, and protecting skin from sun burns.

Green tea has many medicinal therapeutic qualities. Regular consumption of green tea keeps the heart healthy by protecting against different heart diseases that could lead to a heart attack. It also serves as ablood thinner to reduce chances of heart stroke and brain damage. Green tea also reduces the risk of developing cancer as the high antioxidant content helps in protection of cancer of prostrate, lung, breast, bladder and ovary. The consumption of Green Tea prevents the development of type 1 Diabetes as it has the ability to control blood sugar level. Green Tea contains fluoride which helps to prevent tooth cavities and gum diseases.

Green Tea absolute is soluble in water and blends well with ainse star, arnica, artemesia oils, orange blossom, nutmeg, rosa boubornia, and verdana.

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