Champacha Absolute

PRODUCT NAME :  Champaca White Absolute Oil
BOTANICAL NAME :  Michelia champaca
COLOUR AND ODOR :  A pale yelowish clear liquid and beautiful floral scent
METHOD OF EXTRACTION :  By Solvent Extraction process

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The Champaca white Absolute oil is extracted from the beautiful flower of a subtropical tree, the Champaca Michlia by the process of solvent extraction. The white and yellow petals are of great medicinal value. The attractive fragrance of these flowers make them a favorite ingredient in high end perfumes. The Absolute oil has antimicrobial characteristics and can also be used as an anti-oxidant.
Being an oil of great cosmetic value, it is used in shampoos and creams to add that extra zing.

The most common use of the white Champaca absolute oil is in aromatherapy. The oil is used in aroma lamps, light bulb rings and mist sprays. They can also be used with inhalers.
Champaca White Absolute oil is used in some of the most expensive perfumes in the world because of its intense indulging scents.This Champaca absolute oil is used in the production of gels and creams. It is known to strengthen the mind and body alike. It effectively soothes the muscles of the body while seductively enticing your partner and you. Its dark scent makes it perfect for getting you in the mood.

The white Champaca flower is said to have anti-depressant properties and almost instantly uplifts your mood. The absolute oil induces contentment and relaxes the mind and body. This member of the Magnolia family is most often used in shampoos for adding fragrance. Many vedics say that this oil can relieve one of vertigo and some painful headaches. The oil can support muscles and has earned a name for itself as an effective sex stimulant. It is ideal to make body gels of this oil. The oil can reduce stress. The white Champaca is essential for skin rejuvenation and moisturizes the skin well.

The Champaca White Absolute Oil can easily blend withylang-ylang. Other than these it can mix well with Benz aldehydes and aldehydes amongst many others. It also blends with nerol and cinenol. It is most often blend with sandalwood to make pre sports gels.

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