Amber absolute

PRODUCT NAME –  Amber Absolute Oil
BOTANICAL NAME –  Pinus Succineferra
COUNTRY OF ORIGIN –  In the areas across Europe
COLOUR AND ODOR –  It is a yellow cum orange cum brown essential oil having a characteristic resinous odor as found in coniferous forest.
METHOD OF EXTRACTION –  Destructive Distillation of the Resin from Amber Wood.

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Amber Absolute Oil is extensively used in cleaning the jewelry & ornaments, besides the flavoring of the typical akvavit liquor. This useful oil contains the succinic acid for various health care products. The oil is extensively find its use in the perfumes, and is also mixed with the carrier oils as well as other essential oils. The amber absolute is also used in the lotion and has soothing effect.

Amber absolute oil helps in healing process greatly. It also helps in affecting our mind and body and help in maintaining the body chemistry more than anything else. Absolute oil such as this one is also playing important role in changing the nervous system, besides regulating the heart rate, blood pressure as well as the circadian rhythms.

Amber Absolute Oil blends with citrus essential oils, apart from the fragrance top notes. It is also a great blender with aniseed, lemon, orange, geranium, pine, spruce, galbanum, frankincense, cypress, and several more. The absolute oil blends perfectly well.

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