Jasmine Grandi Absolute

PRODUCT NAME :  Jasmine Grandiflorum Absolute Oil
BOTANICAL NAME :  Jasminum grandiflorum
COLOUR AND ODOR :  Reddish brown liquid with a strong sweet floral fragrance
METHOD OF EXTRACTION :  By solvent extraction

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Jasminium is a shrub which is a member of the olive family. It flowers bloom in the early morning. Jasmine flowers are widely known for their soothing and aphrodisiac properties. The smell of this absolute oil is long lasting. It takes almost 10,000 petals to produce a drop of this precious oil. It’s intense and smooth smell makes it ‘King of Oils’. Known widely for its masculinity; this oil is a favorite with both sexes. It is said that Jasmine Grandiflorum Absolute Oil is more subtle and less musky than its Sambac counterpart.

Jasmine Grandiflorum has been adored widely for its calming and sensual properties. It is known to promote a sense of love and tranquility. Because of its aphrodisiac characteristics it is helps expecting mothers during the process of childbirth. Jasmine Grandiflorum absolute oil can treat stress, depression, frigidity, and hoarseness disorders. The absolute oil strengthens the male reproductive system and can induce periods in for the women. It can provide temporary relief from an enlarged prostate as well. This absolute oil is used widely in body lotions, shampoos and scrubs because of its lingering sweet smell.

Jasmine Grandiflorum is a mild analgesic. It is an effective anti- depressant and has antiseptic properties as well. The Chinese use this absolute oil to treat diseases like dysentery and hepatitis. Apart of these, jasmine has expectorant and cicatrisant therapeutic effects. It is a good urine tonic. It is used to treat pain associated with liver cirrhosis.
It’s sensual smell makes it one of the most popular mood setters. The absolute oil has strong aphrodisiac properties and can relax the body with a good massage. It stimulates the sexual energies of both partners.

Jasmine Grandiflorum absolute oil mixes easily with most oils but is well known for its blend with stimulating sandalwood oil and the sensual ylang-yalng oil. It effectively rounds out fragrances instantly.

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