Blue Lotus Absolute

PRODUCT NAME :  Blue Lotus Absolute Oil
BOTANICAL NAME :  Nymphaea caerulea.
COUNTRY OF ORIGIN :  It is found in different regions of North and Central Africa.
COLOUR AND ODOR :  Blue Lotus Absolute Oil is blue in color and has peculiar sweet smelling odor.
METHOD OF EXTRACTION :  Makes use of the normal extraction technique.

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Blue Lotus Absolute Oil is medicinal oil which find its use in variety of areas. The oil is safe and does not contain any kind of synthetic product. The absolute oil is worth buying for every property it holds under its garb. It is also known by other common names like Egyptian Blue Lotus, the Sacred Narcotic Lily of the Nile, Blue Water Lily, and as the Blue Lotus. The principal constituents of Blue Lotus Absolute Oil include Bioflavonoids, Phosphodiesterase and Phytosterols.

Blue Lotus Absolute Oil is one of the greatest and effective health tonics that can bring marvelous changes in the life of individual. The oil is also quite influential in augmenting the circulation process and brings marvelous difference in the way you live and enjoy life. The absolute oil is used in variety of health and medical purposes.

Blue Lotus Absolute Oil has a quite pleasant aroma and is known for its anti-spasmodic properties more than anything else. This is because the absolute oil contains anti-spasmodic element named Nuciferin, which is extensively used for treating any kind of body pain. There is also very high content of aporphine present in Blue Lotus Absolute Oil as the result of which it finds elaborate use in causing the sexual desires to shoot up due to which the ecstatic feelings begin to erupt.

Blue Lotus Absolute Oil gets mixed easily with the essential oils as well as other absolute oils. In particular, the oil gets mixed perfectly well with Frankincense Essential Oil, Sweet Orange Essential Oil etc.

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