Ambrette Seed

BOTANICAL NAME : Abelmoschus moschatus
COUNTRY OF ORIGIN : This seed is quite native to India
COLOUR AND ODOR : Pale yellow in color like musk melon. Diffuses heavy, sweet and flowery fragrance
METHOD OF EXTRACTION : CO2 or Solvent extraction methods are used

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Appreciated since ages in perfumeries, Ambrette offers one of the best plant oil that subsumes natural musk compounds. One of its compounds is christened after a plant called ambrettolide. Many laboratories are involved in cooking up synthetic musk’s, but for consumers concerned about organic and healthy products none can be paramount than Ambrette .
The extensive grind that goes into Ambrette oil makes it more sought after, costly and rare. Ambrette oil unlike other oil crops are not extracted from the leaves but from its seeds. The boimass of the complete plant is represented by a tiny fraction of the seed . 0.2% to 0.6% of essential oil of the entire weightage of Ambrette seed is extracted ,thus resulting in a very liitle yield .
This beautiful tropical hibiscus posesess bright yellow flowers and seeds similar to that of okra with discrete pod like look. Often arbitrated as ‘ornamental okra’ or ‘musk okra’ in India its popularly called Kasturi Bhendi or Mushkdana .This evergreen shrub tends to grow over by one meter and its pods split wide open to expose its kidney-shaped seeds after it matures completely. Bestowed with heavy ,sweet and flowery aroma the pods are comestible. Farmers undertake great precautionary measures to fend off the mokeys who are often drawn towards the pods to garuntee a good harvest.

Ambrette oil is usually used for manufacturing high end, opulence cosmetics and perfume products. Often used for flavoring it enhances the tastes of baked products, chewing tobaccos, sweets and more. In Arabic cultures these seeds are at times mixed with coffee too. In India it is sold to the consumers as insect repellent packet with clothing to be placed in the closet and ignited as incense. Belabored for use in hair perfumes Ambrette tops the list as the most beneficial ornamental plant. Pods of the plant when at its bloom and green make mouthwatering pickle.

Ayurveda tends to use various parts of this plant for medicinal purpose. Well acclaimed for their stomachic, demulcent and diuretic properties they also valued as a stimulant, an aphrodisiac, a tonic and an antiseptic. Ambrette oil is purchased to be offered as carminative and cooling agents.
In cases like hysteria, nervous debility and nervous disorders use the tincture, infusion and decoction of these seeds to attain favorable results. Physicians treating venereal diseases prescribe medicines manufactured using the roots and leaves of this plant. Cannabiscitrin, Myricetin and Flavonoids are prepared from the yellow part of its petal. Ayurveda often resorts to the pacifying effect of the plant in cases of aggravated bronchitis, dyspepsia, vomiting, flatulence and more.

This oil blends perfectly with galbanum, lavender, and peppermint. Apart from it juniper berry, spruce , orange, balsam and mimosa mix quite easily with this oil. Combination of the oil with frankincense, costus, myrrh, cedarwoods and carrot seed adds great value to the products.

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