Labdanum Essential Oil

BOTANICAL NAME : Cistus Ladaniferus
COLOUR AND ODOR : Dark Brown with Warm, Sweet, Musky and Amber Essence
METHOD OF EXTRACTION : Steam Distillation/Solvent Extraction

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Labdanum Essential Oil is an essential oil obtained by steam distilling the resin obtained from the stems and leaves of the Cistus Ladanifer shrub. It is typically used for Making Soap, Scented Candles, and Perfumes due to its deep, floral, and refreshing aroma. Its ability to balance thoughts and emotions makes it effective for Aromatherapy as well. We are offering premium quality and pure Labdanum Essential Oil that is recommended for treating different skin issues due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Its pain-relieving and Antispasmodic properties make it useful against several health issues as well. As our natural Labdanum Essential Oil does not contain any chemicals, it can be used for all Skin Tones and types.

Organic Labdanum Essential Oil promotes blood circulation and ensures that oxygen reaches all vital body organs and the brain. It also supports your Digestive System, and nervous system, and soothes many respiratory issues. Labdanum Essential Oil is a truly versatile and multi-purpose essential oil.

Labdanum Essential Oil Uses

Massage Oil: Some diseases like rheumatism and arthritis cause extreme pain and swelling of joints. Massaging a dilute form of Labdanum Essential Oil or adding some drops of Labdanum oil in your bathtub provides instant relief from both swelling and pain.

Aromatherapy: The ability of our natural Labdanum Essential Oil to control and balance emotions makes it useful for aromatherapy purposes. It also uplifts mood and controls anxiety. You should diffuse Labdanum oil in an oil or reed diffuser or inhale it directly.

Scented Candles: Deep, rich, and invigorating fragrance of our fresh Labdanum Essential Oil can be used for making scented candles, incense sticks, perfumes, and deodorants. It is also useful for making air fresheners due to its ability to deodorize stale air molecules.

Boosts Immunity: Labdanum Essential Oil can stimulate your immunity and prevent viral infections. It also promotes smooth movement of the bowels which helps you to expel toxins from your body easily. You can use Labdanum oil via massages or aromatherapy.

Scars and Stretch Marks Oil: Astringent properties of Labdanum Essential Oil can be used to treat acne-prone and oily skin. It also fades acne marks and expedites the process of skin regeneration. It is especially beneficial for your skin when blended with Frankincense essential oil.

Soap Making: Our organic Labdanum Essential Oil is often used to enhance the fragrance of soaps. Soap makers also use it for improving the overall quality and benefits of their soaps as Labdanum oil possesses antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and astringent qualities.

Labdanum Essential Oil Benefits

Soothes Irritation: Soothing effect of our best Labdanum Essential Oil on your skin can be used to heal skin irritation. It also reduces inflammation caused due to cuts, wounds, or sunburns. It also possesses antiseptic properties due to which it is often used in ointments and creams.

Cures cough: Powerful expectorant properties of Labdanum Essential Oil prove to be effective against congestion caused due to cold and cough. It breaks down and clears mucus when inhaled directly or through steam vapors and provides instant relief from cough and cold.

Anti-aging: By tightening aging skin and rejuvenating it, Labdanum Essential Oil reduces issues like wrinkles and fine lines. Manufacturers of anti-aging solutions can add it to their applications. It also gives a glowing complexion by restoring the natural moisture and radiance of your skin.

Heals Menstrual Issues: Women who face nausea, cramps, anxiety, and other issues during the menstrual period can inhale our Labdanum Essential Oil or use water containing a few drops of Labdanum oil for bathing. It also proves to be effective in regulating the frequency of periods.

Improves Concentration: When blended with Frangipani or Clary Sage essential oil, Labdanum Essential Oil promotes a sense of well-being and happiness. It also improves concentration and can be used for meditation as well. Its ability to calm nerves and enhance focus can prove to be useful for students.

Strengthens Hair Roots: You can revive the moisture content in your scalp. It also promotes blood circulation in the area which directly enhances the strength of your hair roots. Makers of hair care products like conditioners and shampoos.



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