Petitgrain Essential Oil

Botanical Name : Citrus aurantium
Plant family : Rutaceae
Country of Origin : Paraguay
Plant part used : Leaves and Twigs
Method of Extraction : Steam Distillation
Color : clear with a pale yellow tinge
Consistency : Thin
Perfumery note : Top to middle
Strength of Initial Aroma : Medium
Self life : 4 year
Odor : sweet, fresh, floral and woody characteristics

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Petitgrain essential oil is extracted from the leaves and green twigs of the bitter orange plant via steam distillation. Petitgrain is mainly found in Paraguay and France. The oil has a greenish woody orange smell that is widely used in perfumery. Petitgrain essential oil possesses its own characteristically unique aroma. This top to middle note has a fresh citrus scent with woody-herbaceous undertones. In aromatherapy, this oil is well known to aid in conditions of depression and anxiety. Petitgrain oil is often used in diffuser blends or in skin care. This essential oil combines both relaxing and stimulating properties.

Major Constituents:-
• Linalyl Acetate
• Linalol
• (+)- Limonene
• a- Terpineol
• Geranyl acetate

Petitgrain essential oil is good for maintaining the moisture and oil balance. It is also useful in treating pimples, acne, dryness, abnormal sweating, ring worm and cracking of the skin. This essential oil soothes nausea and eliminates the urge to vomit. It helps relieve fatigue during pregnancy. Petitgrain essential oil is beneficial to our internal system like cardiovascular, digestive, nervous and immune system. When, this oil is taken internally, it may provide antioxidant support. This oil is also widely used in cosmetics, perfumery and as a flavouring in drinks.

Blend With:-
Balsam Peru, Blue Cypress, Champaca pink, Champaca golden, Agarwood, Bergamot, Jasmine grand, Frankincense frereana , Jasmine sambac, Frangipani

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