Oud Attar

PRODUCT NAME :  Oud/Agarwood Attar
BOTANICAL NAME :  Aquilaria agallocha
COUNTRY OF ORIGIN :  It originates from India, Indonesia and Malaysia
COLOR & ODOR :  It is dark brown in color and the odor of this is Balsamic
OTHER NAMES :  Aloeswood

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This Agarwood is resulting from the Agarwood tree. Intended for many several years Agarwood oil, or Oud, continues to be applied for aphrodisiacs, to reinforce deep breathing and also carry enlightenment. After harvesting and also poaching at this point threatens this emergency involving both Agarwood and also Sandalwood trees and shrubs.
Agarwood, or Aloeswood Acrylic, is the most costly, the majority of sought-after fragrance acrylic on the planet. This particular Oud Attar is very good! It doesn’t secure the burnt information generally present in Agarwood Acrylic. Healthy with the highest-quality sandalwood acrylic, it is hypnotically sweet, woody and also earthy, which has a tangy balsamic vino vase.

You will find several approaches whereby Agarwood oil is distilled specifically, hydro-distillation, heavy steam distillation plus excellent vital co2 removal. Nonetheless, one of the most prevalent strategies to distillation usually is hydro-distillation and likewise heavy steam distillation. Yet another thing that has its tag in the distillation of the particular acrylic is era this tree. Older bushes employ a higher resin material and also like a vino, old resin gets greater with time. Talking about this kind of grading involving Agarwood polymer-bonded, the very best quality oil arrives coming from first distillation and from now on this timber is run through with regards to second distillation so for that reason, it is graded subsequently how many times it truly is cooked.

Its three principal uses include medicine, perfume & incense. Smaller quantities of this oil are also used for other purposes like carvings
1- Perfume industry: The fragrance of attar of Agarwood is very pleasing, musky and soothing which makes it perfect for the aroma industry. This very popular essential oil is one of the major elements in the perfume making. Many people prefer this attar only when they are to choose the cologne for themselves.
2- Anti stress agent: This oil is well known for its anti stress agents and also helps in relieving anxiety and expelling negative energies. It helps in invoking a sense of peace and a great source of enhancing cerebral functioning of the body. Buying Agarwood attar also helps those who are suffering from obsessive behavior and neurosis in an effective manner.

It blends well with all types of oils.

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size :-

5 ml (sample), 1 ltr, 2 ltr, 5 ltr, 10 ltr, 25 ltr


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