Nag Champa Attar

PRODUCT NAME :  Nag Champka attar
BOTANICAL NAME :  Michelia Champaka
OTHER NAMES :  Nag Champa Chembakam, Golden Champa, Sembagam
COUNTRY OF ORIGIN :  It is originated from India. It is mostly found in east, south and Himalayan hills.
COLOR :  The color of this Nag Champka attar is black
ODOR :  Flowery Sweet, lasting and somewhat thrilling smell
METHOD OF EXTRACTION :  This oil is extracted by steam distillation method.
SOLUBILITY :  It is soluble in alcohol

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Nag Champa is a fantastic blend of fragrant resins, gums, plants, spices and herbal oils. The item is amongst the majority of engaging incenses of Asia and possesses been extensively used by medical uses given that historic instances. Nag Champa has source via Champa flower and comprises semi- liquid resin referred to as Halmaddi and that is obtained via Ailanthus Malabarica woods. The item sits to “Champa” category of Native American incense. For this reason compound, Nag Champa incense is and cones obtain dull texture and comprise big size of sandal timber. It’s got robust individual aroma and is particularly easily obtainable in various other smells also. Nag Champa has advanced globally because of its unique, sweet and wonderful smells.

Nag Champa became popular in current Western Culture within the 60’s and 70’s when burned for the performances of Dylan, The actual Grateful Dead, and the like. The heady fragrance became perhaps the concert experience for millions of music fans.

Nag Champa is produced in the sort of incense is and cones and is also widespread within religious events, day desires, specific situations etc. It is also applied seeing that general smells for home or business office.
Nag Champa essential oil combines very well any time blended thoroughly with several herbs or essential oil and works seeing that anti- inflammatory, anti- microbe, anti- candica and anti-septic.
It is advantageous within taking away scarring and stretch marks, slack tissues and wrinkles through the epidermis.
Due to its very sweet and fragile smells, Nag Champa is used in this generating of fragrant dramas, candles and several fragrant perfumes. Champa attar can be used within the treatment of gonorrhea and also other renal diseases too. It really is a good choice for these diseases on the scalp, vertigo, headache, about gout, sub-acute rheumatism and many various other ailments.
Champa attar is required within real professional perfumery programs so as to make a hot, distinctive, leafy and flowery note and that is often compared to a fine grade of herbal tea.

Nag Champa has a big portion of sandalwood plus the frangipani smell, which arises from this a type of plumeria flower. One more flower named Nag champa and it is includes semi liqid and smells so good. This Ailanthus Malabarica woods, giving these their particular attribute dull coloring and humid texture. The actual resin additionally has a better smell.

Musk, Sandalwood, Amber, Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang

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