Gulhina Attar

PRODUCT NAME :  Gulhina Attar
BOTANICAL NAME :  Lawsonia Inermis.
COLOUR :  Pale yellow
PART OF PLANT USED :  The extraction of this oil is prepared by using the fresh flowers of Hina

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Gulhina Attar is also known as Lawsonia Inermis is prepared from Indian origin flowers of henna by Steam/Hydro Distilled Method. It is popular in the market for its sweet essence. We are recognized as one of prominent Gulhina Attar Manufacturers and Exporters in national and international markets.
The exotic attar of Gulhina is prepared by hydro distillation of Mehendi flowers and infusing it with pure sandalwood oil base. Gulhina attar is also known as Lawsonia Inermis and is considered as one of the most incredible and sweet essences. The rare attar is skin friendly and is quite refreshing that can stay up to 10 hrs. Gulhina Attar possesses exotic, sweet, delicious floral aroma and is also known as Flower of Paradise. This attar has a sweet scented color with the balancing smell of henna and sandalwood oil. It blends easily with essential oils but remains insoluble in water.
Gulhina attar is extracted by the process of hydro distillation from the fresh flowers of Hina. The different therapeutic and medicinal properties of this attar precisely include antiseptic, febrifuge, antispasmodic, astringent and many others. The main components of this particular perfume oil are sandalwood essential oil and Hina flower essential oil. The country which gave birth to this oil is India. This attar has got famous due to its exotic and very calming fragrance.

Since its origin, it has been used in the perfumery industry. Perfumes get an exotic fragrance with this attar.

Gulhina Attar is broadly used for its exotic and subtle fragrance. It is said to bring good fortune, spiritual blessings, happiness and balance in life.
Natural and pure Gulhina Attar are traditionally worn by both men and women, and has its roots deep in Ayurvedic cures. It is soft and sensual and is said to promote clarity in mind and heart.
Organic Gulhina Attar helps in providing calm and peace and is helpful for people suffering from stress and mental fatigue.
Due to its rare and incredible fragrance Gulhina attar is widely used by perfumeries and cosmetic industries for manufacturing aromatic products.

Gulhina Attar mixes well with Silpada, Hina Zafrani in addition to Indian sandalwood essential oil, etc.

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