Frangipani Attar

PRODUCT NAME : Frangipani Attar
COLOUR : The attar has a pale yellow color and it has a romantic floral essence.
METHOD OF EXTRACTION : Steam Distillation

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The frangipani is also known as the Plumeria which belongs to the Apocynaceae or Dogbane family. This plant has many species which can be differentiated by the shape of the leaves. Frangipani comes in variety of colors that include red, white and yellow. These blossoms are extracted from the process of steam distillation to manufacture the frangipani attar. The attar of the frangipani when extracted possesses flowery fragrance. Therefore, it is extensively used in perfumery. But, it also has many remedial benefits for the health. This natural oil can be very useful in treating pains and cramps.

Plumeria attar contains astringent properties and is also an effective pain killer. The attar can help in curing many skin related problems for making the skin soft and smooth. It is also very effective in treating headaches, back pain and muscle cramps. Those who are suffering from the problem of tinnitus have found this attar very helpful remedy in combating the issue.

The frangipani attar comes with a variety of uses. Firstly the aroma of the attar is very floral, so it used by many perfume making companies. The attar also gives positive effects on the skin. When suffering from cracked and dry skin, applying a tiny amount of the attar can moisturize and make the skin soft. Therefore, it is added in many skin care products so that one can avail many skin benefits on using it.

The Frangipani Attar can be combined with the sandalwood essential oil.

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5 ml (Sample), 1 ltr, 2 ltr, 5 ltr, 10 ltr, 25 ltr


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