Mimosa Essential Oil

Pack Size500ml, 1Kg, 5Kg, 25Kg, 50Kg, 100Kg
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BrandPrime essentials
UsageAromatherapy/ perfumery/ cosmetics/ industr
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Mimosa Essential Oil is a solvent extracted from flowers twigs. The pure oil has sweet floral scent with woody undertone. We offer concrete diluted up to 50% in Sunflower oil.

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Extracted from the flowers of the Mimosa Plant, the Mimosa Essential Oil is known for its magical aroma and soothing properties. It is widely used for making scents and perfumes and is also known for its skin benefits. We provide exceptional quality natural Mimosa Essential Oil that can be used for both Aromatherapy and Massage. It restores the natural glow and radiance of your skin and also keeps it youthful and hydrated. As a result, manufacturers of skincare and cosmetic applications and using them extensively these days.

Our organic Mimosa Essential Oil can be used in soap manufacturing as well. It suits all types of skin including dry, sensitive, and oily skin. You can use it for treating oily skin due to its Cleansing Properties. You can also use it to make scented candles, natural deodorants, bath oils, and other products that will benefit your mind and body.

Mimosa Essential Oil Uses

Relaxing Bath Oil

Mix our pure Mimosa Essential Oil with natural ingredients and oils to make bath oils that will relax your body and rejuvenate your spirits. The earthy aroma of this oil will keep worries away and instill fresh energy in you.

Making Scents

Use our organic and natural Mimosa Essential Oil to make high-quality scents and perfumes. The energizing and soothing aroma of this oil will not only eliminate the foul odor from your body but its fragrance will last for a long time as well.

Fights Hair Loss

If you are going through a period of extensive hair loss then our best Essential Oil can come to your rescue. Fighting depression and stress also prevent hair fall to some extent. Mimosa oil also promotes the growth of hair and also boosts the growth of new hair cells.

Mosquito Repellent

Mimosa Essential Oil is believed to possess mosquito repelling qualities. You can diffuse this oil to keep mosquitoes, bed bugs, and other insects away from you during the night or day. Diffusing Mimosa oil will also keep the ambiance pleasant and energetic.

Reduces Stomach Ache

The carminative properties of our fresh Mimosa Essential Oil can be used to cure stomach ache that arises due to digestive issues. You just need to rub a small quantity of this oil on your stomach after diluting it with coconut or some other carrier oil.

Joint Pain Reliever

The anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties of Mimosa  Oil can be used to heal different types of joint and muscle pain. It can be used to make ointments and rubs. It also curbs infection when applied topically.

Mimosa Essential Oil Benefits

Promotes Happiness

Mimosa Essential Oil is often diffused during parties and celebrations as it induces a feeling of positivity and happiness. It provides relief from depression and anxiety as well and it is a great thing to have this oil in your home.

Cleanses Skin

The cleansing properties of our natural Mimosa Essential Oil can be used for obtaining clear and smooth skin. This is because it eliminates excess oils, dirt, and toxins from your skin to give you a clear and radiant complexion. It is especially useful for oily skin.

Promotes Sound Sleep

The sedative qualities of Mimosa Oil can be used to cure sleeplessness or insomnia. You just need to inhale this oil or take a warm bath by adding a few drops of mimosa oil to your bathwater. It will induce deep sleep and will also evade negative thoughts from your mind.

Nourishes Skin

The presence of Vitamin E, essential fatty acids, and other nutrients in our pure Mimosa Oil make it a good moisturizing agent for your skin. It nourishes your skin deeply and can be used for manufacturing moisturizing creams and lotions.

Relieves Anxiety and Stress

The antidepressant effects of Mimosa  Oil can prove to be useful for the treatment of anxiety and stress. It also keeps you away from feeling nervous by instilling a sense of confidence in you. It gives relief from mental issues like hypertension.

Promotes Free-Breathing

The expectorant properties of Mimosa  Oil will clear air passages and will assist you to breathe freely. It also provides relief from cough and cold symptoms due to these properties. Rub some oil on your chest and neck for getting quick relief from congestion.

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