Marjoram Essential Oil

Botanical Name : Origanum Majorana
Plant family : Lamiaceae
Country of Origin : India
Plant part used : Leaves and flowers/buds
Method of Extraction : Steam Distillation
Color : Clear and faint yellow
Consistency : Thin
Perfumery Note : Middle
Strength of Initial Aroma : Medium
Self life : 3 year
Odor : Sweet, woody and floral note

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Marjoram trees are perennial and are found in temperate regions of Himalayas from Sikkim to Kashmir at the altitudes from 1500 to 3700. The plant possesses a thyme like flavour used in food and beverages as a flavouring agent. Marjoram essential oil is extracted from the flowers and leaves of the plant by the process of Steam Distillation. Many species of the family are aromatic and often used as folk medicines and fragrances. The oil is used in perfumery for its spicy herbaceous note and as fungicides or insecticides in pharmaceutical and industrial products. Marjoram oil has strong antioxidant activity because it has high content of phenolic acid and flavonoids, which is useful in health supplements or food preservatives.

Major Constituents:-
• Alpha-Thujene
• Alpha-Pinene
• Camphene
• Sabinene
• Beta-Pinene
• P-Cymene
• Gamma-Terpinene
• Cis-Sabinene hydrate
• Linalool
• Terpinene-4-ol
• Thymol
• Carvocol

Marjoram essential oil is widely used in aromatherapy. It has been used to promote relaxation and memory stimulation. This essential oil help in seasonal allergies, inhalation of this oil clear the stuffed sinuses and sore throats.
• This essential oil is useful in restful sleep
• The essential oil has an antimicrobial properties as well as antioxidant.

Blend With:-
Tea tree essential oil, Basil, Bergamot, Fennel, Lavender, Lemon, Rosemary

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