Lotus White Absolute

PRODUCT NAME :  Lotus White Absolute Oil
BOTANICAL NAME :  Nelumbo nucifera
COLOUR AND ODOR :  Pale yellow with a floral scent
METHOD OF EXTRACTION :  By solvent extraction

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In Hindu mythology, the white Lotus was sacred to Goddess Saraswati- the Goddess of wisdom. The flower is known symbol of knowledge and awakening. It grows in mucky ponds and stagnant waters. The White Lotus blossoms just before sunrise every day. The Lotus white Absolute Oil is solvent extracted from the Nelumbo nucifera. The oil is quite similar to the Lotus Pink absolute oil in many ways. Its exotic florals tones make it of great use in the bathing industry and in aromatherapy.

The white Lotus Absolute Oil finds use in perfumes and diffusers. One can relax better with a stimulating massage with this absolute oil. This oil is used in the manufacture of scented candles, body sprays and mists.
The oil is used in aromatherapy as soothes the senses. The oil brings emotional bliss and contentment. It is mostly used to treating those who suffer from hormonal imbalance. It has the capability to calm and soothe the restless.

Seeds of the Lotus flower are known to be an effective astringent. These seeds benefit the spleen and cardiac system. The White Lotus Absolute Oil can treat men who are weak in sexual performance. The oil is also known to cure leucorrhea in women. A soothing massage from the oil can cure bouts of sleeplessness. It aids is fighting against liver disorders. The oil is said to be an antidote for poisoning by wild mushrooms. The White Lotus attar can be used in conjunction with other herbs to cure dysentery, vomiting and fever. It can effectively treat patients of sunstroke and palpitations. The oil wards off any negative energy and gives a positive vibe to others.

Lotus White Absolute Oil blends very well with a wide variety of oils. It is known best for mixing with floral oils of rose, jasmine and lavender.

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