Borage Carrier Oil

BOTANICAL NAME :  Borago officinalis
COLOUR AND ODOR :   It is yellow with a faint green hue in color and is lightly scented.
METHOD OF EXTRACTION :  It is extracted from the dried borage seed through cold pressing. The oil rich seed is pressed and extracted using traditional techniques. Borage oil has been left in its virgin state after pressing.

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Borage carrier oil is rich in Essential Fatty Acids and in particular it is well known as being the richest source of GLA, an Omega 6. The oil also has the constituents of Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Vitamin D and Vitamin E. It is unrefined and has not been run through filters or chemical processes, so it shows stronger colours and fragrances, but the refined one has light colour and is lightly scented.

Borage carrier oil has been effective in the treatment of dry and damaged skin tissues. The low odour product is found ideal for both dietary and cosmetic preparations. It is used in making super nourishing oils, suitable for facial use. It is applicable for all skin types and is commonly used in manufacturing, aromatherapy applications and by massage therapists. Borage carrier oil is gaining attention by alternative health practitioners and in the main stream medicine field alike for its prominent medicinal properties. It is found extremely beneficial oil for counteracting free radicals to avoid ageing signs on the skin, and is also helpful in treating irritating dry skin. Borage oil is not recommended for use during pregnancy because of its strong odor.

Borage carrier oil blends well with camellia, carrot, almond, coconut oils and most other essential oils

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