Brinjal Seed Carrier Oil

PRODUCT NAME :  Brinjal seed carrier oil
BOTANICAL NAME :  Solanum melongena
OTHER NAMES :  Brinjal oil, Eggplant oil, Brinjal seed oil.
COLOR :  It is white to yellow or green in color
ODOR :  It has green leafy odor
SOLUBILITY :  It is soluble in alcohols and oils

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Brinjal is a plant in the nightshade family, which often grown for its purple edible fruit. Sometimes, this fruit is also related to tomatoes and potatoes. Just like tomatoes, the seeds and skin of Brinjal can also be eaten. This spongy, absorbent fruit is considered a vegetable and is often used in cooking. Some people also use their skin for garnishing.
Brinjal seed oil is extracted through cold pressing of its seeds. Seeds, skin and stems are the edible parts of the plant. This fruit is also used to make appetizers and salads. Different people in different countries use Brinjal in different methods. In every other culture, Brinjal is used in some ways or another. Some use Brinjal for cooking, some use it as salads, and some use Brinjal oil for various uses.

This plant species is said to have originated from India. It was cultivated in Southern and eastern Asia. The first written record was found in the Chinese tradition. In the 12th century, a book was written to describe how to grow Brinjal.

Brinjal seed oil also has many uses. It helps in improving digestion, promotes weight loss, improves bone health, prevents anaemia, improves brain function, improves heart health, manages diabetes, and prevents birth defects. Brinjal is also safe for dogs if given in small amounts. Brinjal seed carrier oil is used to mix other essential oils in them. Essential oils cannot be applied directly on one’s skin as they cause irritation. So, before their application, they are often mixed with carrier oils.

Brinjal seed carrier oil keeps our body free from any kind of infections as it has anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antibacterial, and antiseptic properties.

Brinjal seed carrier oil blends well with almost all of the essential oil, but more commonly it blends well with grapefruit, lavender, and orange.

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