Calendula Carrier Oil

PRODUCT NAME :  Calendula carrier oil
BOTANICAL NAME :  Calendula Officinalis
OTHER NAMES :  Virgin Mary, Virgin Mary oil, pot marigold oil
COLOR :  It is pale yellow to clear in color
ODOR :  It has honey-like, slightly spicy, woody and bitter aroma.
SOLUBILITY :  It is soluble in alcohols and oils

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Calendula is extracted from the tips of the Marigold which is known for its medicinal benefits. Calendula oil also got its properties from the parent plant, Marigold and is sticky in nature. Marigold is a genus of about 15-20 species of plants in the Asteraceae family. This flower is native to South-Western Asia as well as Western Europe and the Mediterranean.
Marigold is the most cultivated species and is a great source of herbal oils. Calendula comes from the Latin word, which means ‘calendar’ as it can bloom in all the seasons. Marigold flowers smell like honey and spicy. Calendula oil is known for its numerous health benefits. This oil is beneficial for our skin, hair, and also internal body organs.

The common name for Marigold is associated with ‘Virgin Mary’ since the 14th century. Back in the 14th century, marigold was added in medicines to fight plague. Ancient Egyptians were also aware of the therapeutic properties of marigold. It was also used by Hindus for decorating their houses and temples.
Marigold oil extracted from the flowers has a long history in wound care and skin care recipes. Due to its sticky nature, this oil was first blended in some base oils and then used. People used to prefer coconut oil or Olive oil to blend this thick calendula oil.

Calendula oil has many uses in almost all fields of health and care. It is used to treat wounds, acne, ulcers, bed sores, rashes, eczema; it also helps in soothing itchy and inflamed skin. It is also added in most of the essential oils for massage and other purposes. People also use the leaves of Marigold as saffron. This is known as the ‘poor man’s saffron.’ Since ancient times, Marigold is also used as a dye. Calendula oil is also added to various products like creams, lotions, ointments, salves, and personal care items.

Calendula oil is known to have antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, emmenagogue, sudorific properties. It also heals dry or chapped skin; it is also used for baby care, used to treat minor cuts and wounds, and also other skin related issues.

Calendula oil because of its sticky nature blends well with almost all the oils but most commonly they blend with lavender, lemon, lime, rose, and all floral oils.

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