Evening Primrose Carrier Oil

BOTANICAL NAME :  Oenothera biennis
COUNTRY OF ORIGIN :  United Kingdom
COLOUR AND ODOR :  It is yellow in color
METHOD OF EXTRACTION :  The oil is extracted from the seeds of the primrose plant by cold pressed method.

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Evening Primrose Seed Oil is pressed the seeds of the Evening Primrose plant, Oenothera biennis. The yellow flowers only open and die in the evening, hence it gets the common name Evening Primrose. Evening Primrose is a wildflower found in North America, Europe, and parts of Asia. Evening Primrose Oil has been used in aromatherapy and natural skin care to aid many skin conditions. It has the properties of being antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and can be used as a blood thinner to prevent heart problems. It is an exceptionally fine textured oil that has superb moisturizing properties. Evening Primrose Seed Oil is a rich source of gamma linoleic acid, an Omega 6 fatty acid that is helpful in cardiovascular problems, immunity, nervous system, and reproductive systems.

Evening primrose oil is considered by many to be valuable in the promotion of body growth and development, due to the high content of essential fatty acids.When used externally Evening Primrose oil is indicated as effective in helping with eczema, pre- menstrual problems, arthriritis and also in weight reduction. Aromatherapy by using primrose oil is helpful in treating dandruff, eczema, itchy skin , in healing wounds and lessening scars.
Evening Primrose has been used medicinally in Europe since long. Recently this oil has once again become popular for its medicinal properties, and is now prescribed as a common dietary supplement by many medical practitioners for prevention and cure of various ailments.
Evening Primrose oil is most often taken in the form of capsules, but it can also be applied to the skin, and in treating allergic skin problems.
Prolonged use of Evening Primrose as adietry supplement is not recommended as the high content of GLA in it can produce some side effects which may be headaches or stomach upsets.
Evening Primrose Seed Oil is truly a wonderful diet supplement. It may be taken alone, or can be drizzled on top of salads or other prepared meals. The oil is not to be heated.

Evening primrose oil blends well with other carrier oils.

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