Black Pepper

COUNTRY OF ORIGIN : India and China
COLOUR AND ODOR : Sea green colored liquid with a characteristic smell
METHOD OF EXTRACTION : By Steam Distillation

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The Black Pepper Oil is derived from the unripe red colored fruit of the Piper Nigrum which belongs to the Piperaceae family. The oil is derived through the process of steam distillation. This oil has a strong warm smell which is appetizing to say the least. The oil’s color can vary but is usually found to be greenish blue. The oil has water like consistency.
The black pepper vine has heart shaped green leaves which emit a strong beautiful aroma. The leaves can be consumed alone. Caryophyllene is present in the plant’s oil. The Black pepper oil has a spicy fragrance and a wood like undertone.

The Black pepper oil is used primarily for treating severe muscle ache. It helps in reducing body pains and helps build stamina. The oil is a preferred choice in aromatherapy. The oil helps reduce negative energies and creates an environment of contentment and confidence.
The oil is a valid antiseptic which can cure cold, cough and flu. Apart from this, the oil has anti-catarrhal characteristics. The use of this oil shall help increase one’s ability to maintain focus. The oil helps stimulating the digestive system. It is also believed that the oil soothes the nerves and keep headaches at bay.

Black Pepper oil has many therapeutic uses. The oil is used for creating a sense of euphoria. It is widely used in vapor therapy for it helps build a person’s confisence levels. The oil is an effective analgesic and has anti-viral properties too. The Black pepper oil is a strong stimulant too. It is a good expectorant as well.

This oil can mix well with nutmeg and pine. Other oils with which it can also mix easily are lavender and rosemary.

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