Sandalwood Floral Water

Sandalwood Floral Water (East Indian)
PRODUCT NAME :  Sandalwood Floral Water (East Indian)
BOTANICAL NAME :  Santalum Album
COLOUR :  Colourless clear liquid
ODOR :  Characteristic sandalwood odor
METHOD OF EXTRACTION :  Hydro Distillation
SOLUBILITY :  Insoluble in alcohol and oils. Soluble in water

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The sandalwood floral water is derived from the Indian sandalwood which belongs to the Santalaeace. It bears green leather-like leaves that are huge and it also has a grey trunk. The woods are extracted through the method of hydro-distillation to generate floral water. It gives out a sweet woody like aroma with a musky note. Since ancient times, the sandalwood is being used as a remedy to treat a variety of health-related problems such as bronchitis, weakness, infection, fever and some skin problems. The floral water is suitable for all types of skin and when applied directly, it gives a smooth and flawless skin.

Sandalwood’s existence can be traced back to 4000 years ago when it was used for numerous purposes. It is considered to be a sacred tree in India as it is used during worship of the Hindu Deities. It also constitutes various medicinal properties.

The sandalwood floral water (East Indian) comes with various uses for our well-being. The floral water can be added to the creams and lotions as it is very effective in getting rid of various skin problems. When the water is applied on the skin, it strengthens the tissues, heals the cracked and dry skin, acne and rashes. The sandalwood floral water is extensively used during meditation in aromatherapy, as its refreshing sweet woody fragrance helps in concentration and deeper connection with oneself during meditation.

The sandalwood floral water has been found to be very effective since the ancient times in treating ailments such as skin disorders, heart problems, urinary tract infections, liver and gallbladder complaints, fevers and common colds. The water is also very beneficial in treating the chapped, ageing and dry skin. It also helps in soothing down the nerves and relieving the ones who are suffering from stress.

The East Indian sandalwood floral water can be blended well with lavender, black pepper, myrrh, and geranium.

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