Lavender Floral Water

PRODUCT NAME :  Lavender Floral Water
BOTANICAL NAME :  Lavendula angustofolia
OTHER NAMES :  Garden Lavender, Narrow-Leaved Lavender, Common Lavender
COUNTRY OF ORIGIN :  It is originated from United Kingdom.
COLOUR :  It appears as colourless clear liquid
ODOR :  It has characteristic lavender odor.
METHOD OF EXTRACTION :  It is extracted by steam distillation method.
SOLUBILITY :  It is soluble in water.

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Lavender floral water is the by-product of lavender essential oil that is extracted from its flower. The extracted liquid can be used as a skin tone that is recommended for all types of skin. This is 100% pure, free from alcohol and no petro-chemicals are found in it.
People often use this as skin cleanser for removing impurities’ traces. Additionally, it can be widely known to have excellent healing, purifying and soothing properties. Aroma therapists use the floral water from lavender flower for aromatherapy purposes. This refreshes skin and helps to overcome skin irritations, stinging, burning and other skin-related problems.

Lavender has a long history and is used for over 100 centuries. It is native to United Kingdom. For centuries, people have known its various therapeutic benefits and also various other uses. Historically, it is used in facial products and also in other skin care lotions, creams, etc.

1-Lavender Floral Water acts an excellent skin tonic and treats mild acne and uneven skin tone.
2-The anti-bacterial properties help in killing bacteria present on the skin and clears clogged skin’s pores.
3-It is suitable for all types of skin and makes an ideal choice for bedtime usage. Just apply it on the skin and see the magic overnight.
4-This soothes burns and mild cuts on the skin providing relief to it. People can also use it to treat insect bites where it reduces skin itchiness.
5-It can be used as a light scalp tonic where it helps in soothing irritated scalp.

Lavender Floral water has anti inflammatory properties and reduces anxiety and stress, treats sleep problems, cures skin problems and used in hair care problems. It cures heart related problems and is also used to treat various digestive issues.

Lavender Floral Water blends with Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Chamomile, Peppermint and Tea Tree.

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10 ml (sample), 1 Ltr, 2 Ltr, 5 Ltr, 10 Ltr, 25 Ltr


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