Saffron Absolute

PRODUCT NAME :  Saffron/Zafran/Kesar Absolute Oil
BOTANICAL NAME :  Crocus sativus
COLOUR AND ODOR :  Pale yellow in color with woody spicy hay like odor.
METHOD OF EXTRACTION :  Steam distilled

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Saffron/Zafran/Kesar Absolute areone of the premium spices in the world. It is made from the dried stigmas of the saffron plant. Saffron Attar oil is a Persian name for fragrance, scent or essence. Saffron attar oil contains pure saffron which is distilled with expensive Indian sandalwood to make saffron attar. The saffron oil has the exact aroma of Saffron flowers. The smell is an aromatic composition of floral and spicy notes with a dab of ether. Saffron oil is also known as zafran, and kesar. This oil should be used with caution and kept away from children. It should be diluted before using it on the skin. This oil can be diluted by mixing it with vegetable oils. It is called the oil of love as it promotes excitement to the emotions.

Saffron absolute oil is used in making soaps, perfumes, shampoos and other cosmetics. It is also used in aromatherapy. It is a relaxing agent also used by saints and healers in naturopathy treatment. The continent Safarnalin saffron, when used in cream and other cosmetic products, reduces and prevents acne and wrinkles. It also fights against germs causing damage to the skin. Spas and massage centers around the world have realized its importance and now it is effectively used for body massages. It is used as a suitable ointment for healing wounds, for regulating body temperature and for aiding digestion.

Saffron oil has therapeutic and healing properties and is used by medical practioners to heal diseases of the respiratory and digestive system. Saffron oil is widely used in the field of medicine in China and Tibet in the treatment of melancholia, fevers, and enlargement of liver and spleen. It is also used to heal impotence, arthritis, and infertility. It comes with exclusive properties for improving weak eyesight and improving skin complexion. The oil is very useful in sexual disorders. It is also used for treating cases of arthritis, acne, asthma, cough, dyspepsia, colic and menstruation. It protects wounds from infection. It is used to treat diseases of the digestive system like typhoid, cholera, and food poisoning. The infections of eye and ear can be prevented with the use of saffron oil.

Saffron Absolute oil blends well with patchouli, geranium, ylang yang, chamomile, vanilla essential oils.

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