Peanut Carrier Oil

PRODUCT NAME :  Peanut Carrier Oil
BOTANICAL NAME :  Arachis Hypogeae
COLOUR AND ODOR :  The PeanutCarrier Oil is virtually colorless, and has a fatty and a nutty aroma at the base of it.
METHOD OF EXTRACTION :  The Peanut carrier oil is easily extracted from the peanut using the very nice and useful cold pressed method of extracting carrier oils.

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Extracted using the cold pressed method this oil has a very own distinctive aroma of its own along with a mild flavor and a taste that can be easily related to the peanut. The texture of the oil is quite thick hence it takes its own sweet time to get absorbed into the skin surface. Though, this oil has not found many uses in the whole process of aromatherapy but then it has a lot of therapeutic uses.

The Peanut Carrier Oil is very hydrating oil, along with providing with a gentle and soothing feeling that it is known to provide with. This oil comes filled with Omega oils, very high dose of Vitamin E and also Vitamin A. The regular use of this oil helps in the prevention of wrinkles and keeps the skin young and vibrant.
The oil works like magic on skin that has been damaged due to exposure to the sun and hence is very good with sun burnt skin. Also works well as hair conditioner and also helps in reduction of blackheads and acne from the skin.
This oil is widely used by sportsperson and massage therapists as it can be rubbed and massaged on the legs and feet of the sportsperson providing their muscles with instant relief and elasticity. Works quite well with people suffering from ailment like arthritis, and can be used in a very easy manner.
This oil is quite often used while making various kinds of soaps.

This oil, though quite fatty in nature blends quite well with ingredients like olive, avocado, macadamia nut oil and also sesame. It can also go quite well with other light oils.

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