Neem Carrier Oil

BOTANICAL NAME :  Azadirachta indica
COLOUR AND ODOR :  Neem Carrier Oil carries a pungent, strong, earthy smell much like sulfur or garlic. It has a dark yellowish brown or a greenish brown color
METHOD OF EXTRACTION :  Neem Carrier Oil is extracted from the Neem seeds. The seeds are crushed and cold-pressed to derive this anthelmintic compound.Extracting from solvents is another way of obtaining Neem carrier oil. However, this is low quality compared to what is derived from cold-pressing of the Neem seeds.

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Being anti-bacterial in nature, Neem carrier oil is used for various medicinal purposes. The Neem carrier oil comprises of a peculiar spermicidal formulation owing to the unstable fraction which is coded as NIM-76. It is not just anti-bacterial but also anti-fungal. Depending on the quality of the seeds used for extraction as well as the extraction procedure adopted, the Azadirachtin content of the oil can greatly vary. This content could be between 300ppm to around 2500ppm. This oil is commonly used for treating various fungi like epidermophyton,trichophyton, candida, trichosporon, microsporum and geotricum.

Neem carrier oil is widely used to treat various diseases, internally and externally. The oil can be externally used for various skin diseases. It is also used therapeutically as a popular folk medication to manage constipation, respiratory disorders and leprosy and a health tonic. Neem carrier oil is also used to cure rheumatism, ringworm, eczema, cold sores, athlete’s foot, warts, burn injuries that become infected, chronic syphilitic sores, psoriasis along with various skin ulcers that take a long time to heal. Neem carrier oil also proves to be beneficial in treating skin infections.
Neem carrier oil also carries analgesic (pain relieving), antipyretic (fever relieving), and anti-inflammatory properties. It has the immuno stimulant property owing to it, which automatically boosts the body’s immunity to battle various disease causing organisms and other harmful foreign bodies.
Apart from its medicinal use, Neem carrier oil is also used in the manufacture of various cosmetic products. Neem carrier oil is packed with fatty acids and also glycerides. These, along with the remedial properties, lend the Neem carrier oil as an ideal organic moisturizing foundation for different skin care cosmetic formulations.

Neem carrier oil blends well with many other essential oils like patchouli, tea tree, jojoba and almond oil

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