Orris Absolute

PRODUCT NAME :  Orris Floral Absolute Oil
BOTANICAL NAME :  Iris pallida
COLOUR :  It is a liquid of slightly yellow shade and has a flowery aroma.
METHOD OF EXTRACTION :  by solvent extraction

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The Orris floral absolute is acquired from the root of the Iris Pallida which is also known as germanica. It is a part of the iridacecous family. The roots of this plant are blessed with many therapeutical benefits for hair, skin and various other health problems. It is mostly used in the industry of perfumes and candle making for its perfumes but also blended to make homoeopathy medicines. This is also great antiseptic and helps in healing the minor cuts and wounds and prevents the area from getting infected. Its constituents include myristic acid and. Ionone menthyl myristate.

The orris floral absolute used in homoeopathic medicines as well in skin care products and perfumes. If you are suffering from toothaches then you can use this oil for instant relief to the painful area. It is also very beneficial when applied on the skin as it helps in removing the dirt and giving a soft glowing skin. Cuts and wounds an also be wiped off with this floral absolute as it is has antiseptic properties.

The oil purifies the haemoglobin which means that the blood impurities are removed. This way the oil helps our body in preventing various diseases. It also treats the health problems such as diarrhea, nasal problems, toothaches, and congestion of the lungs

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