Oregano Essential Oil

Product Name – Oregano Essential Oil
Botanical Name – Origanum Vulgare L.
Country of Origin – India
Origin of part used – Leaves
Form – Liquid
Shelf Life – 2 years
Packaging Type – As Per Requirement
Extraction or Processing Method – Steam Distillation
Solubility – Soluble in Alcohols and most Fixed oils.
Consistency – Medium to Thick
Color – Clear To Pale Yellow Liquid
Alternative Name – Origanum vulgare
Odor – Deep and Refreshing scent

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Native to Eurasia and the Mediterranean region, Oregano Essential Oil is filled with many uses, benefits, and one might add wonders. The Origanum Vulgare L. plant is a hardy, bushy perennial herb with an erect hairy stem, dark green oval leaves, and a profusion of pink flowers clustered in heads at the top of the branches. Prepared from the shoots and dried leaves of the Oregano herb, VedaOils Oregano Essential Oil has several medicinal properties that make it a special essential oil. Though the Oregano herb is mainly used for flavoring cuisines, the oil obtained from it has been used in traditional medicines and cosmetic treatments.
Oregano Oil was used for thousands of years in the Mediterranean region, and its unique warm and spicy scent has attracted many newcomers! Newcomer or not, you can get your Oregano Essential Oil today from Veda Oil, where prices are low and quality is high!
Oregano essential oil is used for inflammatory skin conditions, such as eczema, psoriasis, dandruff, and tinea. It also helps speed the healing of open wounds and the formation of scar tissue. Our Premium Grade Oregano Oil exhibits antispasmodic and expectorant properties that can prove to be beneficial to treat several breathing and health conditions. As a result, it is a multi-faceted essential oil that every individual must have in his/her storage box.
We are offering pure and Natural Oregano Essential Oil that is loaded with antioxidants and powerful nutrients that are good for your skin and overall health. It is a natural antibiotic that has antifungal properties as well. This organic Oregano Essential Oil is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and has the potential to put an end to yeast infections.

1- Anti Acne Product: Fungicidal and Anit-bactericidal properties of oregano oil can be used to treat skin fungal infections. It also provides relief against several issues such as warts, psoriasis, athlete’s foot, rosacea, etc. You’ll have to dilute it with a carrier oil before application.
2- Wound Healer Products: Pure Oregano Essential Oil proves to be an effective wound healer as it can provide instant relief from the pain or inflammation that is associated with minor cuts, bruises, and wounds. It also protects your scars and cuts from becoming septic.
3- Natural Decongestant: Our Pure Oregano Essential Oil provides antispasmodic and expectorant benefits when inhaled directly or through steam. Use for treating chest congestion, breathing issues, and sinuses. Those who manufacture products that fight respiratory issues and congestion will find it very useful.
4- Scented Candles & Soap Making: Refreshing, clean, and herbal scent of our Fresh Oregano Essential Oil make it a useful ingredient in Soap Bars, Scented Candles, Perfumes, colognes, deodorants, and body sprays. It can even be used for making air fresheners and car sprays due to its amazing aroma.
5- Pain Reliever: Anti-inflammatory properties of Oregano Essential Oil make it useful against pain and skin irritation. It is used as an ingredient in pain-relieving creams and ointments. You can also add a couple of drops of this oil to your body lotions for experiencing similar benefits
6- Hair Care Products: Anti-inflammatory effects of our natural Oregano Essential Oil make it useful in reducing scalp irritation. It also possesses a cleansing ability that can be used to keep your hair clean, fresh, and dandruff-free. Moreover, it also improves the strength of your hair roots.

1- Hair Growth: Conditioning properties of Oregano Essential Oil make it useful for restoring the natural shine, smoothness, and luster of your hair. You can incorporate this oil into your shampoos or add a few drops to your regular hair oil to receive these benefits.
2- Eases Cold & Flu Symptoms: Phenol and other Powerful compounds present in our Organic Oregano Essential Oil give strong antiviral properties. Using natural oregano oil proves to be effective against cold, flu, fever, and many viruses as well.
3- Treat Skin Infection: Powerful antimicrobial properties of our best Oregano Essential Oil make it ideal for treating several kinds of bacterial infections. It is also effective against yeast infections, and this essential oil is used in antiseptic lotions and ointments as well.
4- Aromatherapy Oil: Fresh and enigmatic fragrance of Oregano Oil has a calming effect on your mind as well. Used in aromatherapy sessions and proven to reduce your stress and anxiety levels. It also boosts mental strength and improves concentration & memory.
5- Restores Youthfulness of Skin: Strong antioxidants present in our fresh Oregano Essential Oil can be used to restore the youthfulness of your skin. Oregano oil fights against free radicals that damage your skin or make it dry and listless. Oregano oil is used in several anti-aging solutions.
6- Soothes Muscle Ache: Pain, spasms, or strain of your muscle and joint pain can be reduced due to the soothing effects of Oregano Essential Oil. Therefore, it proves to be a useful ingredient in massage oils. It reduces the stiffness of your muscles and eases muscle soreness as well.

Lemon, Lime, Neroli, Jasmine, and Lavender essential oils and all types of citrus oils.

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