Olive Carrier Oil

BOTANICAL NAME :  Olea Europaea
COLOUR AND ODOR :  The color differs from green liquid to gold and has a very characteristic odor.
METHOD OF EXTRACTION :  The Olive carrier Oil is extracted using the cold pressed process from the seeds of Olea Europea (Olive) plant. Cold pressed is one of the purest processes of extraction.

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This is one of the most used and famous oil that is used in the process of massage, body treatments and also aromatherapy. The oil is golden brown in color and it fills the place with an aroma that is hard to miss. The oil has minerals, proteins and minerals and can also be used in the treatment of hair care, rheumatic conditions and also as a cosmetic. The Olive carrier oil, is known to have a lot of conditioning effect and is known to be used in various applications as it is very stable in nature.

The Olive carrier oil is one such oil that is very stable and hence has very good conditioning effects. It can be used as a conditioner for the scalp and the hair, and works as a great substance for controlling dandruff. Regular use of it will make the hair shine and give it strength.
Apart from the hair it is very good even when used on the face as it provides a soothing effect, and can also be effectively used in removing the wrinkles around the eye area. It also provides your lips with shine and moisture if used on them on a regular basis.
The oil is also used on babies for massaging them as it provides with elasticity to the body, and nourishes the same.This oil when mixed with the soul flower oil can also be used in the healing process, and also be used for giving shine to the nail region.

The Olive Carrier Oil blends well with almost any other oil, and is generally used in a diluted manner or else it has the characteristics to overpower the effect of the other oil.

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