Narcissus Absolute

PRODUCT NAME :  Narcissus Absolute Oil
BOTANICAL NAME :  Narcissus poeticus
COUNTRY OF ORIGIN :  Grasse, France
COLOUR AND ODOR :  Dark green oily liquid with standard odor.
METHOD OF EXTRACTION :  Solvent extraction

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Narcissus is a flowering plant that blooms in spring. The flowers are white or yellow with a narrow tubular base. The absolute oil is very expensive and uncommon. It is associated with pride and esteem.
Narcissus Absolute (des plaines) is a unique materialthat is dreamy dark orange in color. It has a pourable consistency and is produced by solvent extractedfrom the wild flowers that grow in Grasse, France. It gives a warm, spiced fruit punch aroma. The common names for Narcissus absolute are daffodil, nargis, Pheasant’s eye, and pinkster lily. Narcissus absolute is very rare and expensive product.Narcissus Absolute has been popular oil with a centuries old tradition. The word ‘Narcissus’ is a greek word derived from ‘narkeo’ that means ‘narcotic’. Narcissus is poisonous and can end up affecting the nervous system. Care must be exercised when using this oil as it tends to have a very strong reaction. It should be used by diluting it with other oils and creams. This is not just any oil you ca use.The concentrated use of this absolute oil can lead to headaches and nausea.

Narcissus Absolute oil is added in making of cosmetic products like powders, soaps and lipsticks. The recent medicine doctors also use this product as a cure for baldness.The magical scent is used in high class perfumery. It also teaches a lesson to recognise and love one’s self.
In India, the oil is used as a part of religious celebration is applied to the body before paying a visit to the temple. It is recommended as an aphrodisiac to cure sexual problems.
Roman perfumers used ‘narcissum’ extracted from narcissus flowers to make their well-known complex perfumes.

The sedative quality of this oil is used to induce sleep. The narcotic effect has made it suitable for aromatherapy in the recent researches. The antispasmodic property prevalent in the oil gives relief to many stomach problems. It also gives some aromatherapy benefits if blended with other oil or base cream.The homeopathy and Ayurveda doctors make an extensive use of this oil to cure sexually related diseases.

Narcissus Absolute oil blends well with Clove, Jasmine, Hyacinth, Neroli, Ylang Ylang and Rose

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