Mogra Absolute

PRODUCT NAME :  Mogra Absolute Oil
BOTANICAL NAME :  Jasminum Officinalis
COLOUR AND ODOR :  Reddish brown with oily liquid and floral odor
METHOD OF EXTRACTION :  Food Grade Solvent method

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Jasmine Sambac or Arabic jasmine is a vine with fragrant white flowers that grow in clusters. These flowers bloom in summer and produce a fruit like small black berries. Mogra absolute oil is one of the popular natural absolute oils which has a number of health benefits along with beauty care and skin care. Pure Mogra oil is originated from India. The extraction methods of Pure Mogra oil is using the churning in food grade solvent which is applied on the flower part of the plant. It is also known by different other names like Jasmine symbac oil and lover’s body oil because it has a sweet intoxicating scent. Its smell is musky and masculine. The popular absolute oil is reddish brown in color with floral odor. It is mainly used in the making of perfumes, scents, deodorants, hair oil and cosmetics.

Mogra Absolute oilis used in making deodrants, sprays and other cosmetics. Because of its intoxicating smell, it is avital part in making perfumes. The smell of the oil works more on mental and emotional stage. It works wonders in relieving stress and depression. It enhances confidence and leads to joy and happiness. It is wonder drug used in alternative medicines as an aeromatherapy.It is known to energize various sense organs of human body. As a cosmetic, it can also be used directly as a cleanser and moisturizer for rejuvenating the skin. It is widely used in gyms and beauty parlors.

Mogra Absolute oil is used to cure impotency. It calms the figidity of the body and mind. It is helpful in relieving headaches. It works as an aphrodisiac to solve many sexual problems. It is said to have excellent antiseptic properties and so is also used to heal wounds. The homeopathy and ayurvedic doctors make an extensive use of this oil to cure sexually related diseases. It is helpful in relieving stretch marks after childbirth.

Mogra Absolute Oil blends well with jojoba, sandalwood, bergamot, geranium, lemon grass, orange and rose. It also mixes with water.

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