Melissa Essential Oil

BOTANICAL NAME : Melissa Officinalis
Plant Part Used : Flower Tops, Leaves
COLOUR AND ODOR : Pale yellow with sweet, fresh, and citrus smell
METHOD OF EXTRACTION : Steam Distillation

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Mellissa Oil was in use as a medicine among the Romans and they brought it to England in the 16th century. They are used as the life protecting herbs and are very effective. Its Latin name was taken from the term Honey. There are various purposes for which this oil is used among the people. They use it to reduce anxiety, stress and to protect from nervous disorders. France is using this oil in large terms even today for making the pharmaceutical products. This oil is used in many drugs and there are many medicinal uses available of this oil in today’s world.

There are many uses for the Mellissa Oil. Mostly it is used in making drugs and to protect a person from any problem. It is effective for the digestive system. There are several problems like nausea, vomiting, dyspepsia in which it is used as a medicine. In addition, it contains some cooling substances because of which a person can cure against fever. If you are panic or having fast heartbeats, you may use this oil, which will provide you a relief against panicking and helps you in getting slow heartbeats. A person can use it as a vaporizer while having cold. A massage while bath can help a person feel fresh through which he can perform his day-to-day activities easily. This oil is also very effective for those who are having baldness or having problem of hair loss.

There are different purposes for which the Mellissa Oil is in use today. In pharmaceutical industry, it is used in many drugs because of which people can get over their health related problems. In addition, it is quiet expensive so many industries take their essence in many products which is also very effective.

Mellissa Oil blends well with the following substances like ylang-ylang, frankincense, rose, Roman chamomile, Basil

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