Coriander Oil

BOTANICAL NAME : Coriandrum sativum
COLOUR AND ODOR : Yellow liquid with spicy aroma

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Coriander oil is obtained from Coriandrum sativum which belong to the Apiceae family. It is also called Chinese parsley. The oil is known to have a spicy yet soothing smell. It is nearly colourless with a dash of yellow. It is fairly viscous in nature and is quite similar to water in this respect.
This essential herb has a unique place for itself in aromatherapy as it helps one to relax better under stressful conditions. This oil has a warming effect which soothes a troubled digestive system. The oil has also found use in healing arthritic and rheumatic pain. The oil is mainly used for detoxification purposes.
The coriander oil can be obtained by CO2 extraction method. The seeds are crushed and then used for oil production. The plant was first found in Morocco and can grow up to 1m tall. The leaves are spread out and quite feathery with pink flowers. When its leaves crushed with stones, it can let off an unpleasant smell.
The seeds of the plants have been used for centuries now as a stimulant and aphrodisiac. The Roman used this seed oil to add flavour to their favourite drink – wine. Indians have always garnished their curries and food items with its leaves and still continue to do so till date. Frenchman used this oil in their liqueurs.

The oil can fight even the worst of headaches and provides relief from stress. It is believed that this oil is an effective analgesic and has strong carmative properties. The Coriander Oil can act like a fungicidal too. The oil can also be used for deodorizing purposes.
The main components in this oil are linalool, cymene, dipentene, piene and borneol.
The Coriander oil has continues used to refresh and rejuvenate a person’s mind and body. The oil can get rid of fatigue and tension. The oil effectively fights nervous weaknesses and migraines. The soothe warming effect makes this oil perfect for providing relief from excruciatingly painful cramps. The oil found great use as an ingredient used in cold and cough syrups. The oil acts as a bodily cleanser which removes toxins out.

Mostly this oil is used in vaporizers to make sure the person’s appetite improves. The oil is used widely for massaging joints and relieving one of muscular spams. The oil is also of great cosmetic value. It is used in creams and lotions but must be used wisely as it can affect the skin adversely depending on the sensitivity of your skin. Pregnant women must avoid using the oil at all costs.

The Oil can easily blend with pine essential oil. Other oils with which it can also mix easily are citrus, lavender and ylang-ylang.

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