Angelica Root Oil

BOTANICAL NAME : Angelica Archangelica
COUNTRY OF ORIGIN : The origin of American Angelica roots can be traced to the northern central and eastern parts of Canada and United States where it is cultivated. Many Eastern and Northern countries are popular for framing European Angelica. Chinese Angelica roots or Dong Quai is quite native to Japan and China.
COLOUR AND ODOR : The product is pale yellow in color. Its perfumery note is quite base the strength of its initial aroma is medium –strong.

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Those who have grown Angelica are well acquainted with the distinctive appearance and the height of Angelica root. Unique backdrop to various other available herbs this root is often used for its paramount arsenal thematic traits. This highly aromatic plants love moisture and blooms amidst damp meadows and along the river banks. Quite rare perennial or biennial ornamental springs up to 2 – 8 feet in height.
Ages ago this herb was christened after it blossomed around the Archangel Michael feast day. People in Northern Europe often celebrate this day by dancing, merry making and citing praises for Angelica Root that wards off the evil and witchcraft. As per a French legend, in the 10th century it was believed that the secrets of this root was reveled by Archangel Raphael himself to a monk as a cure for plague . It’s also said that Paradisus Terrestris most popular English herbal prescribed it as an essential herb of the era. Many loved consuming Angelica as a vegetable and added it to many soup preparations. Used as a tranquilizer in the Nordic countries it also gained attention as a powerful medicine. Apart from being introduced in modern medicines, its oil adds flavor to wide range of liqueurs and confectioneries. Few of the active components in this root comprises of alpha-pinene, essential oils, furocoumarins, linoleic acid and tannins.

Angelica root oil is quite beneficial for dull skin. It relieves you of exhaustion, toxin build-up and water retention. The oil advantages can be used availed while curing psoriasis and gout. This essential oil is known for flavoring Chartreuse and Benedictine; both of them are idiosyncratic flavored liquors. In aromatherapy the oil is used to deal with anxiety, depression and stress. Many perfumeries use this essential oil for fragrancing.

Angelica root is extremely aromatic tonic that clears the digestive system and helps relieve stomach aches, sour stomach, mild spasms and dyspepsia of the entire gastrointestinal tract. Effective in cases of heartburn this bitter tonic aids in increasing the production of your gastric juices thus facilitating digestion. The product works wonderful against frequent flatulence and stimulates human appetite. It also suppresses the feeling of fullness and beneficial in all kind of vomiting, gastric ulcers and cramps. Physicians have been recommending Angelica root in cases of anorexia nervosa and suggesting its inclusion in manufacturing anti-spasmodic and colic medicines. The root has been widely used all across the globe for treating spleen, pre-menstrual discomfort, sluggish liver, angina, heart problems and high blood pressure. For years people have availed its advantages during fungal, bacterial and tracheal infections. As a pain fighter its very effective in rheumatic pain and helps one deal with insomnia.

Angelica root oil blends perfectly with Juniper Berry oil and many spice oils. Its peppery aroma diffuses easily with Cedar wood and Bergamot oils. Many consumers love mixing this woody aromatic oil with orange.

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