Spruce Essential Oil

PRODUCT NAME : Spruce Essential Oil
BOTANICAL NAME : Picea mariana.
OTHER NAMES : North American Timber
COLOUR : It is pale yellow in color
ODOR : It has woody aroma
METHOD OF EXTRACTION : Steam Distillation
MAJOR COMPONENTS : Borneol, Terpinen, Terpineol, and Bornyl Acetate
SOLUBILITY : Soluble in water

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The  Spruce essential oil comes from black spruce, a medium-sized evergreen tree, and a member of the spruce family. While it can be found throughout North America, it grows mainly in Canada in the forests known as taiga. Native Americans used black spruce for a number of medicinal purposes, including reducing inflammation, treating skin problems, and healing wounds. Today, spruce essential oil is commonly added to cosmetic and household products thanks to its pleasant aroma. In aromatherapy, the spruce essential oil is useful for relieving stress and anxiety, reducing muscle aches, and improving breathing problems.


Spruce  Oil can be very efficient in providing relief from anxiety and stress levels. The oil can help in providing calm and relaxation to the mind and body. The oil can be used in massages, steam baths, and saunas for quick relief. It can also be inhaled directly from the bottle for relaxation.

Benefits of  Spruce Essential Oil :

Supports clear breathing… Spruce essential oil is recommended in aromatherapy to help open up respiratory passageways, relieve congestion, and relieve breathing problems such as bronchitis. For these reasons, it has traditionally been used in spas, saunas, and in massage oils. Promotes mental clarity… Spruce  Oil is known to help reduce anxiety and stress, and clear sadness and mental fatigue. Also, it is used for helping to clear negative emotions and allows feelings of peace and contentment to develop.

Relieves muscle aches… Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, black spruce is recommended for relieving post-exercise aches and pains in joints and muscles. Also, it is commonly used to relieve muscle pain due to inflammatory conditions such as arthritis.

Blends with:-

Spruce Oil can be blended with Clary Sage, Cedarwood, Lavender, Oakmoss, and Rosemary.

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Size :-

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