Amyris Oil

BOTANICAL NAME : Amyris Balsamifera
COUNTRY OF ORIGIN : This plant is quite native to Central America, Asia, Caribbean Islands as well as Haiti.
COLOUR : Quite Pale Yellow
METHOD OF EXTRACTION : Steam Distillation process

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Popularly known as West Indian Sandalwood this evergreen tree is used for enhancing mental peace and well being, and reliving depression and stress while meditating the oil is known to boost strength and embellish curative and centering potentialities. It involves immense patience on the part of a cultivator as the essential oil of this tree can be reaped only after 30 long years. Growing up to 2 – 4 meters in height Amyris signifies ones endurance in a position of responsiveness and regency, thus instilling grace by unfurling the path leading to ultimate joy, motivation, love and transformation, thereby assisting humans to maintain equilibrium of the natural cycles and rhythm.
Often aligned with moons feminine energy the oil of this plant is known to heighten the level of innovation, intuition and imagination. Those who love dreaming, composing music, creating an artwork etc. can resort to the energy source of Amyris oil.

Amyris oil is quite famous among consumers as insect repellent. Few drops of the oil when poured in a diffuser tends to pacify and relax a meditator. Many tend to place a bottle of this oil in their room to enhance well-being. This oil is also used as a subsitute to sandalwood oil in various soaps and creams . If placed in the grain container where you usually store your foodgrains, it acts as a wonderful repellent against pests. Insence makers add few drops of the Amyris oil to adorn scent. Amyris oil if dilluted and gently massaged on to the face can aid a healthy glowing skin.

Amyris oil is known to offer vibrant physical well being. This oil effectively does away with corporeal and enteric toxins that often tend to either distort of congest the entire body. Commonly used to treat influenza the oil also aids in curing diarrhea. This oil is also used as one of the ingredients in the massage oil. Amyris oil is known to relief people from their muscle pain. The oil is also effective in minimizing stress, depression and tension.

This oil blends perfectly with rose scents and lavandin. It also mixes easily with citronella, jasmine and cedarwood atlas.

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